Thursday, November 29, 2007

White Envelopes

Today, I read about a family who practiced a family tradition of placing white envelopes on their Christmas tree for their children to open on Christmas Eve. These envelopes were gifts to charities given in each of their children's names. Each child would have a donation made by their parents in honor of them to a different charity or need in the community. 
What was so cool about this story was the parents said that as their kids got older they would actually be more excited about opening their envelope to see who would be the recipient of the gift that would be given in their name than any of the other gifts under the tree. 
Now the two boys are grown and have founded the "White Envelope Project," which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring and enabling individuals and organizations to GIVE! 
It's obvious how these parents influenced their children by their dedication to serving others. I was thinking during all of the chaos of Christmas shopping over Thanksgiving that maybe I would just wrap up some donations on the behalf of my family and friends 
...something to think about.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Delayed But Not Denied

Recently, I caught a story on the news about a young girl who was running in her State Cross Country Meet. She misstepped resulting in the breakage of the tibia and fibula. Crumbling to a heap on the ground, she crawls for a bit and then returns to her feet in an attempt to reach the finish line only to collapse again. She then decides to crawl on her hands and knees for the final eight yards to the finish line.

...Delayed, but she refused to be denied!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!
Life is Good!.............................

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little People Big World

"Little People Big World"  is a TLC reality show of an incredible family. 
The mother, father and one of the three children are little people and the other two children are average height. They are passionate about one another and the parents never cease to amaze me with their close attention to details concerning their children. 
When the show is coming on, the mother explains that they can do the same things that anyone else can do, but they just have to do it in a different way. 
The challenges this family faces on a daily bases and their accomplishments are overwhelmingly inspiring.

...Inspire and be Inspired!