Monday, October 22, 2007

New York Itinerary

We are planning another visit to New York City in January and my son and I are working on the trip itinerary. During our last visit to NYC, we did so much that I feel like I missed the true "Big Apple" experience. So on the agenda this time is a bike ride in Central Park, hanging out in Greenwich Village to watch a few of the great native New Yorkers play checkers and some shrimp from Bubba Gump's. We plan to revisit the Today Show, check out another great Broadway Show, and do some more "Coach" shopping in China Town.

As I have been thinking about this trip and making the plans, I have been thinking about an itinerary for life. 
So many opportunities - Where do we go from here and where do we start? What could help us discover more about ourselves? What doors are waiting to be open and what doors do we need to shut? If we choose to ignore time, what could we accomplish. If we step out on faith, what could we achieve?

An itinerary for life is a challenge with so many choices and no matter what we plan - they are subject to change. Maybe planning is not to our advantage - there is a lot to be said about spontinuity.
I know this - whether New York or Life and whether you plan or not -


Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Lance Armstrong Foundation has given me a very specific assignment - to form a Livestrong Grassroots Organization in the Upstate. This organization will respectfully carry the title "Livestrong Army Upstate SC". I will be looking for a few good men and women who are dedicated and passionate about declaring war on cancer.
Lets take the fight to the disease that is responsible for another 911 every other day.
I will be posting more information soon on where and how you will be able to unite with other brave men and women who are willing to join forces so that together we can and will defeat this enemy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sea of Pink

The Race for the Cure was unbelievable on Saturday - there were thousands. A sea of pink - it was pretty amazing.
During the survivor walk, I met a lady who is going on her fourth year of survival and she cried the entire time. She told me she was walking for all of the young girls who were just beginning life's journey - hoping that together we can make the road easier and less painful for them by ending breast cancer. She also shared with me that last year when she reached the end of the survivor walk that her daughter and granddaughter were standing there waiting for her and how that made her feel. Her granddaughter is a down syndrome baby and she explained how this baby has blessed their life and their home. In my ventures out in these cancer arenas, I have truly met some HEROES. People like this lady who look beyond set backs, allowing the set backs to become there set ups for blessings. Taking what is sometimes the best life can give you and allowing God to mold you something beautiful. As I walked on Saturday I looked over this crowd of determined people and I saw many heroes. This lady and I did not get to talk for long, but with little words she touched my life in a big way. Out of this sea of pink only a small percentage were actual survivors - most were people honoring those who they love and then there were those who just wanted to walk and take a stand against this horrific disease.
As a survivor of stage 4 breast cancer, I am thankful to all of these heroes (including my husband and son) who became a sea of pink.
More photos to come...........