Monday, October 26, 2009

Austin Livestrong Challenge/P3C3 Ride to Austin

Austin Livestrong Challenge 2009

Palmetto Peloton Project/Livetrong Upstate Army SC Members "Challenge to Conquer Cancer"/"Ride to Austin".

The Austin Challenge was a huge success: 6,200 riders, runners, walkers and 900 volunteers participated in the Challenge this weekend and $4 million was raised toward the fight against cancer.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My "Friend Dad"

My best friend from college, who is also a 3 time breast cancer survivor, dad has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had been told that it was in his bones but they were wrong, PRAISE GOD! and they have not yet gotten a biopsy on the tumor. He goes for pre-op on Wed and more test and has surgery scheduled for the 28th. This is the most precious man you could ever meet and he has always been my favorite "friend dad". His name is Bill Powell and he needs folks to pray and BELIEVE with him. If you are a survivor or a supporter of a survivor, please think back for a moment of what it was like to be put through these horrific test, signed up for the "waiting game" against your will and then told after all of that..that they have to do surgery to verify IF it is cancer.

If you know what I am talking about, please stop what your doing and call his name out in prayer.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Love Encounter

To really think about how much we are loved by the Creator of this even try to understand the Love of God will overtake us and leave us unable to stand. To have a true encounter with God's Love is more than we can endure. If we allow even a portion of His Love to touch us in the softest of ways, it will consume us. But, I want this! I want this Love to bend me low and I want to feel every breath He breathes on me. I want to hear His heartbeat and taste His Mercies that the Bible tells us are new every day.

I want this Love Encounter!

Please listen to the song God laid on my heart this morning after receiving such an awesome testimony from my friend concerning her sister's test coming back negative for cancer.. after she had been told she only had a 15% chance of surviving what they thought was a late stage aggressive cancer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amoena Magazine

Notified today that Amoena Magazine will be featuring my story in their December issue.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Livestrong Day 2009

What a beautiful day for a Livestrong celebration.
What's better than family, friends, laughter and being on the water?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Today is LiveSTRONG DAY!

Lance Amstrong was denied insurance when he needed it most.Today is LIVESTRONG Day. Thirteen years ago today,Lance's doctor told him he had advanced testicular cancer.What most people don’t know is that at the time, he didn’t have health insurance.In the following weeks,he received letter after letter from the insurance company refusing to pay for his treatment. He was fighting for his life but also for the coverage that he desperately needed.The legislation currently being debated in Congress is not just words on a page for many cancer survivors,it’s a matter of life and death.Now,as this debate enters crunch time, we need your help to ensure that what happened to Lance doesn't happen to any other American.

No matter what side of the healthcare debate your on, I am sure everyone would agree that NO American should be denied health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions or changes in health or employment.