Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visit 'The Grill Man' for the best meal of your life during the month of October. The Grill Man will be supporting 'Upstate for Livestrong' (Upstate's local group that supports/benefits The Lance Armstrong Foundation) and helping us raise awareness and funds. Livestrong Day being Tuesday, October 2nd, please remember to wear yellow ...also, visit me here on Facebook to place your bid for the limited Livestrong dishes by Chantal (8 place settings with tea set). At 'The Grill Man,' We will be raffling a yellow 10' Kayak (Old Town with flex seat and dry storage) - paddle and universal vest included (valued right around $475)...raffle tickets for the boat will be sold for $10 each. You will be able to purchase tee shirts for $7 each and wristbands for $1 or more "In-Care Donations," as well. Please remember to pick up our brochures or visit to find out more about The Lance Armstrong Foundation. Thank you for joining us to raise awareness and funds for Livestrong Day 2012. This year we will use the funds raised to purchase toys for local children battling cancer and gift cards for the parents of those children. We thank you ahead of time as we know you will support our efforts as you always have.

'The Grill Man' address, phone and hours of operation:
1500 Providence Church Road, Anderson, SC 29626
Phone: (864) 222-2022
Mon-Thu Closed
Fri 5–9pm
Sat-Sun 12–9pm

The bid is now at $350 for the limited Livestrong Dish eight piece place setting and tea set by Chantal. We would like to inform those who are bidding on these dishes that we are asking the winner of this auction to agree to cover shipping as we hope to keep all funds raised for the beneficiaries. 

Thank you

Friday, September 7, 2012

I will never live life like I was dying.

Don't misunderstand me, I do understand the artist intent within the song but what I want is to live every day, every hour...moment by moment as if it were

the first breath I had ever taken, the first time I had opened my eyes to the beauty of this incredible creation called life. I understand why we make those bucket list but I prefer life list. My vision, my focus is living...breathing, until one day, it runs out and new breath fills my lungs -celestial air and it fills my soul to capacity and I see the face of my sweet Jesus standing before me and He takes me into this place where cancer does not exist. There is place, a time ...where we will no more worry about cancer, about sickness and disease, death. I pray you will allow the stories of this night and the hearts and spirits of these courageous people who I understand the hurts and pains so intimately with to move you into compassion and stir your hearts for the hurting. The suffering pulls you so far away to a place that dreams of sky diving and Rocky Mountain Climbing seems so great at this moment..but when asked how many more moments would we want, would we ask for if given the there indeed an answer to such a question?...when just to step from the bed to the bathroom is the conquering quest of the day. I know how that feels. i know the anticipation of another day full of new mercy but another day of pain so great that you long to die. But I also know the greatest Hope that ever walked the face of this earth and He makes my path straight. He brings joy that no check on a bucket list could ever offer me. My bucket list, my life list to share Him with you..all the days of my life until they are fulfilled. I love you, my friends and I want to share the greatest joy I know..the only peace that is real, my life list - My God.

Please support Stand Up 2 Cancer....Shop, Give...Stand Up!

Stand Up, Upstate!