Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hope, Faith and Love


more to come............

Friday, July 8, 2011

I Love The Way You Hold Me, My Friends!


I recently signed off Facebook, suspending my page for an extended time. As much as I love my awesome cancer survivor and prayer warrior friends it's simply a timing issue. What I mean is - God is taken me into a new season and for the first time, I am beginning to see (visually see) the place He is calling me to take in Him and I desire to pay my vows. In order to accomplish this, I have to clean up my work zone. I will be pouring all of myself into the book He has placed in my spirit, the ministry He has gifted me, and sharing my life's journey here on this blog - this place where I have the great opportunity to live and proclaim His goodness.
I will always stand with my breast cancer and below the belt brother and sister survivors from all over the world (survivors/friends of all cancers and life's cancers as everyone has their "cancers") as we are friends for LIFE! I appreciate the unending support and great conversations within these true friendships and I know without doubt that God has brought this worldwide community together. I hope to see all of them/you meeting me here on Angie's Blog and on my Blog, as we continue to move forward in healing. I hope to also see you on Twitter: @angiesuttles - as well as, various conferences in which we celebrate, rejoice and minister to one another.
Let's walk this journey together. Let's walk upright. Let's walk in the Glory of His Spirit and not under the oppression of disease. Let's walk honoring one another because we all have a devil to fight and after all, he is under our feet!!
God bless you all and this song is dedicated to you, all of my friends.. everywhere - 
I love the way you hold me!

Lead Us On, Dear Lord

                                                          Hold our hands, lest we fall.......

Monday, July 4, 2011

                                                                        Happy Birthday, America!