Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Broken Vessel

Psalm 31:12 "I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel".

We are not forgotten..we are a constant on His mind. We see a once, seemingly perfect piece of treasured pottery with perfection and purpose. But in life, perfection is shallow and's the imperfections and flaws that produce character and intrigues the hearts of man.
Brokenness transforms us, brokenness creates in us a new heart, a new mind, greater understanding, compassion, hope, incredible joy, appreciation, respect, creativity, and true rest.
In brokenness, we find ourselves open to new visions. We grow bold and step outside of what has always been our norm. We can find life, real life, in brokenness. The Potter's hands will remake the broken vessel and it will be as new again. He has chosen these vessels and they have chosen Him, He will gather the pieces of the broken vessels and once again in His love-scarred hands create for Himself a masterpiece.

-Angie Suttles

Friday, July 17, 2009

Upstate SC Dragon Boat

I was excited to have birthed the first Dragon Boat Program in the Upstate based in Anderson. I am looking forward to launching additional programs throughout the Upstate that will benefit all cancer survivors and their caregivers, as well as, strong breast cancer survivor teams that will compete throughout the Southeast and Canada.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Livestrong Moment

One of our awesome USA soilders was on the flight home with us yesterday and after we had taken over the plane by taken over their loud speaker, trying to entice passengers to sing "Proud Mary" and had to explain that we were breast cancer survivors gone wild, a very soft-spoken soilder shared his own personal story of cancer with us. He told us his 4 year old little boy had just finished 41 chemo treatments and that his mom was also a two-time survivor of breast cancer. I gave him a couple of Livestrong wristbands and he in return gave me a couple of official US flag patches that soilders wear on their uniforms. I couldn't understand why the pattern of the flags appeared to run in the wrong direction until he went on to explain - he said the USA always looks to the future. He told me to "Look to the Future" and I told him to "LivesSTRONG" - what an incredible moment of sharing strength and confidence. We shared a moment of looking to our futures with courage and hope and I will never forget it. I will carry those flags the way I wear my Livestrong band, proudly and with boldness as I will never let cancer have my future.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Place Medals

We took 2nd place and metaled in the International Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Festival in Windsor, Ontario survivor's race on Saturday.

Incredible weekend full of so many "soak 'em
up" moments.

(Blog more later)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ready to PaddleStrong

Leaving for Windsor, Ontario tomorrow for the International Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Festival. Going to be hanging out and racing with and against the toughest women in the world - "breast cancer survivors". I cannot wait to take part in this spectacular event and testimonial to the amazing strength and endurance that can birth from life's trials. Survivors will be coming from all over the world and will paddle side by side in several 500 meter races. Whether my team gets to that finish first or not will not matter, as I know, I am already victorious.