Monday, October 22, 2007

New York Itinerary

We are planning another visit to New York City in January and my son and I are working on the trip itinerary. During our last visit to NYC, we did so much that I feel like I missed the true "Big Apple" experience. So on the agenda this time is a bike ride in Central Park, hanging out in Greenwich Village to watch a few of the great native New Yorkers play checkers and some shrimp from Bubba Gump's. We plan to revisit the Today Show, check out another great Broadway Show, and do some more "Coach" shopping in China Town.

As I have been thinking about this trip and making the plans, I have been thinking about an itinerary for life. 
So many opportunities - Where do we go from here and where do we start? What could help us discover more about ourselves? What doors are waiting to be open and what doors do we need to shut? If we choose to ignore time, what could we accomplish. If we step out on faith, what could we achieve?

An itinerary for life is a challenge with so many choices and no matter what we plan - they are subject to change. Maybe planning is not to our advantage - there is a lot to be said about spontinuity.
I know this - whether New York or Life and whether you plan or not -