Saturday, July 21, 2007

First - Ever LiveSTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum

This is great! - The FIGHT is ON.............FIRST-EVER LIVESTRONG® PRESIDENTIAL CANCER FORUM WILL REVEAL OPINIONS ON CANCER POLICY Lance Armstrong Foundation to unite candidates for discussions in Iowa; Armstrong to facilitate
Austin, Tex. and Cedar Rapids, Iowa (July 16, 2007) - The Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) announced today that it will host the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum, a two-day event featuring 2008 presidential hopefuls from the Democratic and Republican parties in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, next month. The forum provides candidates with an opportunity to detail their respective policy plans for fighting cancer, a disease that kills 560,000 Americans a year.
Moderated by Lance Armstrong, the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum will serve as the first-ever forum that enables candidates to go on record and detail how their administration would work to fight the disease.
"Cancer is non-partisan. It's the number one killer of Americans under 85," said Armstrong, founder and chairman of the LAF. "It's time for all presidential candidates to let us know where they stand on the issue."
The Democratic candidates' forum will be held on Monday, August 27; Republican candidates will convene the following day, August 28. Both discussions will take place at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 10 A.M. until noon CDT.
Tickets for the forum are available, at no cost, at
The LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum stems from a commitment by Armstrong and the foundation that bears his name to build and mobilize a LIVESTRONG Army that unites citizens, government officials and cancer organizations across the country to make cancer a national priority.
"The dream is that we get rid of this disease forever," Armstrong said. "The '08 elections and the LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum give all Americans an opportunity to ask the candidates 'What's your plan? And where does cancer fit into your policies?'"Details for the event are as follows:
LIVESTRONG Presidential Cancer Forum Hosted by the Lance Armstrong Foundation Democratic Candidate Forum, Monday, August 27, 2007Republican Candidate Forum, Tuesday, August 28, 2007U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

We have to tell cancer "ENOUGH"!!!!!! And South Carolina, we have got to rage war. Our representatives have not signed on with us to co-sponsor the legislation that we introduced on May 16, 2007. If you are in SC, please write your members of Congress and if you are a cancer survivor, tell them your story. We have a right to live our lives without cancer.