Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Built to Survive

My husband and I took my son to see "Walking with Dinosaurs." 

Amazing! The dinosaurs were incredibly "Life-like." They were truly unbelievable. I never thought about the dinosaur in this manner. Actually, I've not really given dinosaurs any thought at all but each one of these fascinating creatures were uniquely and specifically designed for their own survival. The narrator would introduce the dinosaurs one at a time while explaining their diet,  their habits, their capabilities or lack of, their unique design for survival and their instinctive character.

It is incredible to me that every living, breathing thing has been given a distinctive instinct of survival. It doesn't seem like a gigantic reptile would give living or dying a thought of any kind.

We have those same survival instincts, but what separates us from, the average or not so average, reptile is our need to do more than just survive. We have "thriving" instincts - a need to be needed, to be heard, to reach our goals, accomplish our hopes and dreams, to learn from our failures, and most of all to love and be loved. 
We are a product of God's image not His imagination.

We were not made to merely survive but to thrive!