Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lev Starkt

My son's school (Montessori) had 30 plus Danish students to visit this week. We invited a couple of the boys to stay with us for a night and it was truly an experience. It was their first time to come to America and our first time to meet anyone from Denmark. We learned a lot about each other's countries and customs. We came to the conclusion that our countries had a lot of differences, but then one of the boys (Robin, who was the only one who could speak English), told me that his grandfather was battling cancer. Cancer, the common denominator? This disease truly knows no boundaries. This enemy is global, therefore this war should be global. These kids knew about the Livestrong Foundation and even had Livestrong wristbands. It was exciting for me that just as the kids were all so familiar with this enemy - they also knew the army - the Livestrong Army.
By the way, Livestrong in Danish is Lev Starkt (though a is written a little different than our a).

I want to invite anyone who can to come to our (Livestrong Army Upstate SC) Livestrong Workshops being held at Anmed Campus in the Cancer Center Conference Room and learn how you can get involved.

Workshops will be:

"Advocacy & You" - Feb. 26th at 2pm

"Advocacy & the Government" - March 25th at 2pm

"Advocacy in Action" - April 29th at 2pm
Livestrong Day is May 13th and we are planning now for our event that will also be held at the campus. I will write more about that in the very near future.
Hope to see you at our workshops.

So "Lev Starkt!"............