Sunday, March 16, 2008

Going to Ohio

I just found out this weekend while at the first SC Survivorship Conference in Columbia that I will be traveling to Ohio with the Lance Armstrong Foundation for the 2008 Livestrong Summit in July. I am scheduled to serve the foundation as an advocacy track leader. This election season I am determined to educate myself on our democracy and election process. I have literally become a "political junkie" (by the way - is there a shot for that?) America is the greatest county and we are truly blessed to have the freedom to decide who will lead us, speak on our behalf, and make crucial decisions that will ultimately affect our children and grandchildren. However, until surviving cancer and becoming a cancer advocate, I really just continued to drink the same old democratic kool - aid. I have decided that I don't want to be just another voice being listened to but  an American being heard.
Washington, STEP UP!
South Carolina, STEP UP! 

South Carolina (Bob Ingles and Lindsay Graham) has not signed on to co-sponsor the Cancer Screening Treatment and Survivorship Act introduced last year by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
Take some time and email them, call them or write them TODAY!!!! Make them tell you why they are not taking action to end cancer.
I challenge Anderson, Greenville and Spartanburg to get fired up about this issue and take action... You can start by coming to our workshops at AnMed Health Campus and participating in "Paint the Town Yellow" for Livestrong Day on May 13th.

As the local army leader, I am inviting you to join our local Livestrong Army - " Livestrong Army Upstate SC" today!