Monday, June 2, 2008

Being Stretched

I was asked today if I would work at the Summit in Columbus, Ohio for the Lance Armstrong Foundation by being an Army "Track" Leader. I am not sure what that involves, but if it means another punch in cancer's eye then sign me up! I will be going up on Wednesday so they can train me on Thursday - so it might be possible that I will know what I am doing by the time the Summit begins.
I know cancer took some things from me, but one year ago when I became involved with the Lance Armstrong Foundation something inside of me ignited and now I have a passion that I can not explain. Recently, I was threatened by the possibility of another bad report and went through, once more, many vigorous test. Everything turned out in my favor, but the taste of that bitter cup was a reminder that we owe friends, family and even strangers this fight! I will say cancer has stretched me beyond anything I could have possibly imagined about myself. I have stamina, perseverance, strength, and peace - and I have learned that God is always there waiting for us to just hand all of the hurt, pain and fear over to Him.