Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Reminder at the State House

A few 10th graders, including my son, from Montessori School of Anderson attended the South Carolina Independent School Association Conference that was held at the State House this week. I don't think I actually realized how many private schools operate in South Carolina but the number attending was quiet astounding. Each school was asked to propose three resolutions with a representative from each to come forth and present one of those resolutions before the House. To witness these kids coming forth and presenting the issues that was important to them and exercising their right to have a voice was just another reminder to me that we can make a difference when we learn to "speak out". I remember experiencing these same thoughts as I watched these same kids at the United Nations in NYC a couple of years ago.
I hope and pray that the next generation does better than what my generation has done and the past ones have done, as far as that goes, to hold legislatures accountable.
My son says he is interested in politics and with this year being an election year it would be great for him to be able to watch the democratic process unfold but he would have to sort through all of the garbage first. I know I feel like a lot of other mothers when I say I do not want my son's generation to have to straighten out a bunch of mess that we have left behind for them. Come on!
As the people, why don't we hit our own Campaign trail and run our own Campaign ads.
Sometimes we just need a reminder that we do have that voice and I would say this State House visit was that reminder.