Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Color

I have some old black & white photos of my grandparents and parents sitting around my house and often times I find myself gazing into those photos wondering things like what color was my grandmother's dress and what color is that couch my mom and dad are sitting on. I don't know what those shades of gray are covering but more than the color of their clothes and the furniture, I wonder what was on their minds, where they were in life and how were they dealing with it. I often hear folks talk about how much simpler times must have been back then - you know "the good 'ole days" but I don't think that is true at all.
I think my grandparents had to work hard and still often had to do without. I think that between working cotton fields and trying to feed twelve kids, life was hard. In fact, I would bet that in every one of those black and white photos were many many layers of color.
Recession, war, loosing someone you love...all colors of life. But so is love, joy, peace, hope, family and friends. God has painted one awesome masterpiece for us called "life" and I hope to always keep my eyes open to take it all in and never let shades of gray keep it covered. I challenge you to do the same.
Watch and listen to this song"In Color"....