Friday, December 19, 2008

Trained for this

So my five year check up did not go as I had expected....the doctor's report (his facts I might add) says there are some new breast cancer metz on a few places on my bones. He says that I will be needing to go out to Houston to check out their latest greatest chemo cocktails and he will get the party started next month.
Yes, I will be honest with you I cried, I screamed, I punched a few walls and I threw a few things....well I hope you didn't think I would have said oh, how awesome and I am so pschyed. Heck no, this sucks sucks sucks! BUT I know too much about God now and I know that His grace really is sufficient as the Bible says. I stood before family and friends 5 years ago and shared my testimony of healing (which is truth I might add) and I will again.

Praying, reading God's word, going to church to be taught and to draw strength from other believers is all training so when a real problem comes along - you have trained for it.
But note: you never graduate from this training...