Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Penny For My Thoughts

Today, I was given a birthday card from my son, it was beautiful and sweet but it's not my birthday. Inside the card..was written: "You began telling what you were called to say 3 years ago today." ......
The card was a birthday celebration of my blog.
I started blogging 3 years ago, today, after coming out of a second stage 4 cancer and becoming a cancer advocate with The Lance Armstrong Foundation. Typing out my thoughts, opinions or posting a celebration became my way of fighting cancer back. A way to journal my new life of "Thriving cancer", not just surviving. My blog became snapshots of who I had become after the cancers and expressions of who I dream to be. I'm not sure my thoughts hold any real value to anyone other than me but they're all I really own and they're all I can really have any control over. So maybe a penny for my thoughts is asking too much but to have the opportunity to share hope and joy for "Life after cancer", is priceless!