Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Cool Scars

Could we take the approach this courageous feline did in the face of such a threat?  

This video (link below) reminds me of a story I often share with survivor groups.

One sunny Florida day in the summer, a little boy was viciously attacked by an alligator. 
His father saw what was happening from their home window and ran courageously out to his son without hesitation while boldly assuring his boy that he would be alright. The boy's father grabbed his son's arms with a firm determined grip and began to pull him from the alligator's mouth.
The next day when the press requested to interview the small boy about his terrifying experience, he was asked about the ordeal and about the wounds caused by this ferocious animal. Instead of the boy revealing the markings on his legs from the attack of the alligator, he eagerly presented his arms to the reporters. In their confusion, they asked him why he was showing them the bruises on his arms. The little boy peered up to this very attentive group of journalist and explained in a bold proud tone that these were the real scars, the cool scares, because these were the scars where his daddy had held him so tight that it saved his life. 

This boy was not concerned with the damage that was now so clearly present from the attack of the alligator or with what he had lost. He was focused on the cool scars that was the evidence of his father's strong hands that had surely saved his life.

This story reminds me of the giants I have faced in my own life. I have scars from over a dozen surgeries and over fifty rounds of radiation and chemotherapy but when I look at myself in the mirror, I only see the scaring from the grip of my heavenly father's hands that has 'surely, saved my life!' 


This cat never stopped to think about the possible outcome from his approach to such a giant. Without wavering, he claimed what was his. He stood up to his enemy even after his enemy had multiplied. He had not seen what the outcome would be and it could have went very differently. It was his bold move of faith that caused him to be victorious. 

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1