Friday, January 28, 2011

Life In A Day

There is a 'lead in' that will explain the film before you watch that I recommend you take the time to check out.

The 24 hour period was on July 24th of 2010 (filmed by regular people during the activities of their day all around the world) but the complete film was shown live streaming last night at the "Sundance Film Festival." 
The film will be released later this year so stay tuned but meanwhile, you can watch teasers and footage.

My son and I participated by contributing a portion of our day, mine being the National Dragon Boat Championships in Chattanooga, TN among my fellow breast cancer survivor sisters and his being a trip to the mall with friends preparing to head for Daytona Beach, Florida with his church youth group. Due to thousands of hours of film footage submitted, we did not make in the final film cut but it was awesome to be a part of such an incredible project.

Turned out Magnificent! 
Life, So Fascinating! 
People, So Interesting! 
Real People, Real Souls, Real one day, all over the world!

This film will change how you see your life and the life of others.

It's not religious or political. It's all about people and life.

Please take the time to check out the site and when the the film is available and possible for your viewing, sit and watch and let it move you into compassion for your fellow man.

The ending was, well, you'll just have to see for yourself.

Stay tuned and enjoy...
I will also keep you posted.