Wednesday, March 2, 2011

C4YW (Conference for Young Women BC Survivors), Orlando 2011

This year's 'Conference for Young (Breast Cancer Survivors) Women' was incredible. 
Hundreds of beautiful, courageous young women from all over the world who have faced the painful challenge of breast cancer with determination and grace.
As I listened to some of the stories from the women in their early thirties, I was reminded of the pressures, pains and questions that I, myself, faced at the age of thirty-one and again at the age of thirty-six. 
I am thankful I can serve my younger survivor sisters as a mentor, understanding the sensitive issues and adversity the younger generation faces when diagnosed with breast cancer or cancers below the belt.
I was thirty-one when diagnosed with the rare stage 4 vulva cancer and thirty-six when diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.
Vulva cancer has been viewed as a cancer of the elderly woman and breast cancer has always been thought of as a cancer that only older women face. It's not true. Young women do get breast cancer and the issues that the younger woman face are great and sensitive.
The C4YW confronts these issues and I commend them for the openness and honesty of the effects of breast cancer for the younger woman.