Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Spiritual Backbone!

I have never used my blog as an avenue to vent anger or frustration but there is something weighing on me, and I just have to lay this burden down. 

Where have all the real men gone?

Where are the men with "Spiritual Backbones?" Men like my grandfather, who knew how to take authority over satan and lead his family - not hide behind friends so he could? 
Double-minded, weak men with no spiritual spine are just puppets on satan's strings! 
Let's hear some teaching on this, "Church!" 
Now men have to have accountability partners so they don't cheat on their wife or look at porn on the Internet.
Please, give me a break! 
Do you not know that when you stand before God on judgement day, your "accountability partner" will not be there to hold your hand. You will stand alone before an Almighty God and give an account of every action, every word, and every thought you every had. 
Go ahead with that lame excuse of 'no one's perfect,' and it's true, no one is -  but stop using that for an excuse to fail in your walk with Christ. There was nothing weak or frail about Jesus and He certainly did not need someone to tell Him to 'Just say, No.' 
Men, God looks on the heart, therefore He knows your intentions... He knows your misguided mistakes from your calculated sin.
Jesus is returning for a bride that is spotless and without blemish. We are expected, even commanded, to seek after 'righteousness' not 'excuses' for carnality. 
Men, stop depending on someone else's faith and lead your family, your church and your life... 
Do the world a favor and grow a spiritual backbone!

*Disclaimer: This was not directed towards anyone specific. This is a generalization from my perspective.