Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Are We Not More Somber?

Today Is Not A Day Of Celebration For Me: Article by the wife of a 911 victim.....

I have to agree with her, I mean - how could you not? 

She lost her husband on 911 and she's asking, where is the deeper reflection and why are we not more somber? 

No doubt, America did the right thing - Obama made the right 'call' but have these so-called "Celebrations" been the respectful response.. the empathetic response for those who lost loved ones that day? 
Partying on sacred ground for the death of the one responsible for the death of so many, including her husband - is that sincerity? 
God, Himself, said He takes no pleasure in the death of wicked people - Ezekiel 33:11 
We can be grateful for the victory - but somber. 

So she says.... 

"Forgive me, but I don't want to watch uncorked champagne spill onto hallowed ground where thousands were murdered in cold blood. 

And I don't want to see any ugly blood stained sheets as proof of death or justice.

Nor do I want to think about bullet-ridden corpses being dumped into the sea.

And it breaks my heart to witness young Americans cheer any death -- even the death of a horrible, evil, murderous person -- like it is some raucous tailgate party on a college campus.

Why are we not somber?

Where is the deeper, more meaningful reflection?"