Thursday, December 29, 2011

Live Simply

"No one man can tell another man how to live. In the long run, a man has to do what he has to do. Some grow up to raise a family, become wood choppers..others grow up and go into politics or get rich in the Stock Market. In the end though, we all grow old and die. The important thing is to find someone to love and someone who can love you back...get work and pay your bills, work you can get some satisfaction from. 
Always pay your debts. 
Never take unfair advantage of any man and don't let any man take unfair advantage of you. 
Find yourself a good spouse and remember you're my son." 

-John Walton said this to his oldest son in 1937 during the depression as he walked away with his rifle in hand to bring home dinner to his family of eleven. 

I don't believe living should be complicated. Life should be lived as simply as expressed in the words of John Walton. Somehow, we manage to complicate our lives with all of our insecurities and ignorance's. I believe our Heavenly Father would agree with John Walton. I believe He has told us through all He has brought us through and all He has blessed us with that as simple as it sounds, we are to be bold enough to live simple. 

So, take a nap, eat PB&J, stroll through the woods, turn off the radio and whistle your favorite tune, drive through the country, feed the pigeons, brush your hair one-hundred times, sit on the ground....
but whatever you do, 

Live simply!