Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mom's Day

This is when we lived in Florida...Gainesville, Florida. I was teaching Caleb how to ride early. Fun!

Yes, they grow up so fast...but memories can never be taken from either of you. Hold on to the memories you have made together and never stop making them with your children. There is no greater blessing from God but that He would intrust us with these little ones; the blessing of children, to be a mom. He reminds us in His Word that our children are a heritage from Him. He gifted me Caleb and allowed me to raise this precious human being. I know I haven't been the perfect mom...not sure there is such a thing but I pray my failures will be to his favor. I know he will soar in life and whatever he puts his hands to will prosper. I pray for a hedge of protection around him.. that he would always walk in safety and protection. I also pray for a hedge of thorns to surround him.. that anyone who's intentions would be to bring him harm to him or interfere with the plan God has for his life would be stopped by the very hand of God. 

Fly, son...take your place in this world.