Monday, December 17, 2012

As a 'believer' and a 'friend of God,' I feel it is a responsibility to set this record straight. It's unacceptable to sit by quietly and continue to let these, well..the only word I can think of is - "FOOLISH" men speak such 

Mr. Dobson,

Do you really believe the God Who knew we would all sin and fall short of His glory and yet sent Jesus anyway to die on a cross for us would pour out wrath on six year old children? We have been failing Him since day one and yet He loves us anyway and He sent His son to redeem us from an eternity without Him. We do not deserve grace but not only does He offer grace to us but He prepares every new day with new mercies for an imperfect people. I don't know the god you serve, Mr. Dobson.. I do, however know the God I serve and He, my friend..will never be the God in which you claim to speak of. It is my prayer that you have not been a stumbling block in your double minded comments. A double minded man is an unstable man. 

I would suggest before you speak - SEEK!