Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back from the Austin Livestrong Challenge

We are back from the Austin Livestrong Challenge and what a challenging weekend it was. We kayaked on Lady Bird Lake (Colorado River), rode the mind-boggling Segways (which, by the way, works every muscle in your body it "felt" like), watched the famous Congress Bridge Bat Flight ( millions of bats take flight every evening from under this bridge and folks make a real spectator sport out of it), visited The Alamo in San Antonio, and ate lots of real Tex Mex. Of course the highlight of the trip was participating in the Livestrong Challenge 5k with that memorable stroll down the Survivor lane with thousands of folks cheering and clapping and being met by LAF staffers that presented you with a yellow rose as they offer you their warm sincere congratulations. It was just one of those moments - you know one of those moments when you are reminded one more time of not how lucky you are because luck has nothing to do with it but how blessed you are and that you are a winner no matter how life's race tried to defeat you. This was my first Livestrong Challenge but I am sold on this extraordinary experience and plan to participate in all of the various cities' Challenges next year that I possibly can. I would advice you to check them out as well.
By the way, 3.6 million dollars was raised for the 12 million Americans living with cancer today at this Challenge alone. To learn more about the Challenges from this year and the future Challenges visit: http://www.livestrongchallenge.org/site/c.frKPI1PAIoE/b.3920225/