Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My husband is a pretty aggressive driver but even he has to kick it up a notch when driving in Atlanta. It had been a while since we had visited Atlanta and I guess we had forgotten about the traffic not to mention trying to navigate with the use of a GPS, which my husband does not trust and refuses to listen to. Like the heavy Atlanta traffic, moving hard and fast on every side and trying to navigate the best way we know how, lately that has been life for us. But like a GPS that recalculates when you take a wrong turn, spending time together this weekend and growing closer to God and each other was just what we needed to keep us on the road headed in the right direction.

The Gospel Truth Seminar was a blessing to our family as Andrew Womack taught on the Believer's Authority, we ate ourselves almost to the death at Fogo De Chao (the most I have eaten in weeks) and we visited the Coca Cola Museum and tasted 69 flavors of coke from all over the world - very cool! We ended our weekend attending Jentzen Franklin's church in Gainesville, Ga and his message was "You Are The One" and it really went to the heart. At the service, I ran into a friend and fellow cancer survivor who also reminded me that I will be victorious.