Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Obedient Stranger

While in the cancer center waiting room about to be taken back to chemo amongst way too many precious others, I might add, I noticed a lady across the room who continued to glance over my way and then quickly turning away. After several moments of this, I began to seek God in wonder if I was being asked to speak to this lady in hopes to offer her encouragement, knowing she was there for her own personal reasons. Suddenly, she comes running over to me, stoops down to look me in my eyes, which is when I noticed hers were full of tears, placed a pretty strong grip onto my arm with one of her hands and leans into me. She then precedes to tell me this: "God has just told me not to question Him but to get up out of my chair and come to you to tell you that no matter what you've been told or what it looks like, you have not lost your healing." She did not know me and I did not know her but she said to me that you have not lost the miracle you received years ago and that you are still healed. She said that God has favored me and there will be showers of blessings that I will not be able to contain poured out in my life in the next season. She proceeded to "Speak in the Spirit/Tongues," then she grab my same arm with her other hand and I felt electricity move through her body to the point that she almost fell. She then said to me that God has shown me great favor and that I have walked in healing because I have spoke healing. She said I am rewarded because of my trust in Him. She then hugged me, called me sister and told me to walk in it. She went out of the doctor's office as they had finished seeing her mother shouting all the way.
Now I am not crazy enough to think that everyone would believe this or accept it but how do you explain that this lady knew that I was told I was completely free of cancer 5 years ago (I have the doctor's report to prove it) and how did she know that every time someone talks doubt to me or says I had a reoccurrence, I cringe!
How did she know that I would not call her crazy and tell her to go away from me? If God did not tell her these things then how did she know? She had brought her mother in for a check up, which she does every six months but I had never seen her before nor had she seen me.
If I have learned anything about God, it is this - He is faithful! He just spoke to an open vessel, she made the choice to be obedient and I, in turn, received a real Word from God. I have to tell you...while she was speaking to me, the Holy Spirit told me to be quiet and just rest in what she would say to me.
I thanked her and that was all I could do. I was left with a peace and a deep joy that I could never explain to you with words. I have to tell you, friends, when you know God and you really have relationship with Jesus, there is no shame in life or fear in death. I will live and I will spend everyday of my life proclaiming His Goodness. I went back for the chemo and slept like a newborn baby wrapped up in her daddy's arms. All because of an obedient stranger.
God offers us the opportunity to minister and be an instrument of hope and healing.
Let's take it!