Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One foot crossed the finish line today and the other is airborne as I complete the final chemo in a 6 hour stretch. It has been a long 8 months, believe I will complete this round with a grand total of 36 cocktails. What a good day it is to hear you are done with chemotherapy..what a good day it is to be able to walk out of the cancer center knowing that you have beat cancer (healed) again and what a good day it is when you can share that with family and friends. 
There are many who have not had that good day yet. After many conversations with God over the past months, I know that my purpose is to be that of a solider..to fight for others to have freedom from this enemy, cancer, and to have that good day... that Independence Day! 
It's the obligation of the survivor!
I challenge my friends, family and community to stop picking a 'grade school playground pansy fight' with cancer and 'WAGE A FREAKIN' WAR!'... and the way to start is by "having the back" of someone in your community that is fighting cancer. Find a creative way to provide a little joy for that person as  laughter does a body good like medicine. Share the hope that you have with them (be sure you have hope first), cook for that family, stock their pantry or just be that one email that comes in every day with those "You Rock" notes and above all pray for them. 
We have the incredible opportunity to be there for one another as human beings yet we are so wrapped up in "the stuff'" of life that we miss miracle moments. 
I have decided to wage war on cancer and his side-kick satan and as long as there is breath in my body and I continue to wake up every morning, I will be that hope for others. God has given me life, breath and joy and I choose not to waste it on shallow living.
So to cancer and your side-kick, satan, IT IS ON!... and I already know we win because I have read the back of the book!