Monday, November 30, 2009

Lessons from "The Christmas Carol"

Went to see my 'all-time' favorite Christmas movie,"The Christmas Carol", and what a way to kick it up a notch, by telling the story in 3D. There is no greater miracle than a changed heart and eyes opening up to truth.
How much time do we waste on materials of no real value or essence? How many precious moments do we miss with friends and family as a result of daily distractions? How many opportunities do we pass by to share hope and offer grace to our neighbors?
I love how the spirit, "Christmas Present", allowed Scrouge to see for himself the ill-will and pain that his very own hands were causing others. I have always thought about how blessed Scrouge was for being giving a second chance and the opportunity to make it right with his family and his fellow man.
We may not ever know what pain has come to others at the works of our own hands (or our words) and time waits for no man. As Jacob Marley explained to Scrouge, he built his chains link by link and yard by yard. What would happen if the world were given a real glimpse into the lives of others? I have heard it said that one person cannot change the world and I don't believe one person can.. but you change the world one person at a time. We still have time to break free from the chains of life that hinder us and keep us bound to the world's idea that hope is only found in fame and fortune.
As Tiny Tim would put it "God Bless Us - Every One!"