Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Livestrong Request

Per The Lance Armstrong Foundation's request, I will be delivering the LIVESTRONG ACTION petition signatures to my SC Senators next week. This is a critical time in the debate as the House just passed its version of health care reform legislation on November 7 and the Senate is about to begin consideration of its health care reform bill. Throughout the month of October, more than 65,000 Americans signed the LIVESTRONG ACTION health care petition. The LIVESTRONG petition asks Congress to ensure the needs of cancer survivors are addressed in health care reform by supporting two key principles:
* No American should be denied health insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
* No American should lose their coverage due to changes in health or employment. While LIVESTRONG supported the House health care reform legislation, they have not taken a position on the Senate bill at this time. Once the final bill language is released in the Senate, the debate is expected to take several weeks. I have been asked to visit with Jim DeMint and Lindsay Graham along the same basis as I did with several others throughout the country in DC back in 2007 but this time it will be on a one on one basis. I will be introducing myself as a constituent and a LIVESTRONG Leader and let them know that I have a health care petition that I would like to deliver. I am asking for your prayers and support as I do this as I know first hand how badly health care reform is needed in our country. There is no aspect of the failed health care system that has not affected me and my home directly. Please pray for me as I head up to see my Senators, that I would have boldness and confidence in sharing my own personal story. As much as I had to battle two stage 4 cancers, I battled the money/coverage issues that come along with them just as hard.