Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The BuK

BuK (German Design)

The most Dynamic (had to say it) boat on the market! These are 2009 models with new features to make the design a little better. - Dynamic Dragon Boating

Livestrong Upstate SC is working to bring a second dragon boat to the Upstate of SC.

Livestrong Upstate raised funds, purchased a Swift Dragon Boat, directed and trained a local group of survivors and their supporters in Anderson and now have hopes of raising funds to purchase one of these beautiful BuK boats for a surrounding area of the Upstate.

Dragon Boating is a floating support group with a history of incredible benefits for the breast cancer survivor. Our goal is to form a full blown program modeled after our friends in Charleston where cancer survivors and their caregivers can leave cancer and cancer treatments at the dock and share a place of hope and healing through each reach and pull of the paddle. (A breast cancer survivor team for the "Ladies (bc survivors) Only" division races will be established). If you are located anywhere in the Upstate and would be interested in sponsoring our Upstate program or "PaddleStrong" with Livestrong, contact upstatedragonboating@gmail.com.

Your new normal will not be normal as you awaken your dragon.

"Paddles Up"