Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reaching for Life

Note from the publisher of our book, "Reaching for Life"...

This is an update on the Reaching for Life project.

We formally launched the book on July 25, 2010, at the USDBF U.S. Club Crew National Dragon Boat Racing Championships held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Five of the authors were present at the launch—all of them participating actively with BCS racing teams!

What was the response? The book sold out its entire first print-run in three days!

We are working on a second printing now. Earlier today, we received an ISSN number from the U.S. Library of Congress! So, spread the word: The project is growing!

Note from me as one of the authors who contributed to this work:

I am excited that the book is doing so well and my prayer for this work is that women and men, who are battling cancer, would read these testimonies, our stories, and be inspired beyond all reasoning. There is life in and after cancer waiting to be lived!

"Paddles Up"

See post from August 7th for the Official Order Form, a one-paragraph summary (description) of the book, and a copy of the “Foreword” comments from the IDBF and USDBF officials. Feel free to distribute these to as many people as you can.(All proceeds will benefit cancer survivor dragon boat activities all over the country).