Sunday, December 5, 2010

Take Your Shoes Off!

For weeks, the message of Joshua 5:13 has been pressing in on me....

Not all of the giants in our lives are our enemies. 
In fact, I would have to testify that the giants in my life brought me into promise lands I would have never entered into of my own accord. 

Joshua was by Jericho when a man stood before him. We have to calculate that this man was that of giant stature because the scripture explains to us that Joshua had to lift up his eyes to look upon him. The giant stood before him with a drawn sword and Joshua, who was use to fighting, asked the giant if he was "Friend" or "Foe". The man's reply to Joshua was that he was the Commander of the army of the Lord. Then the angel proceeded to command Joshua to remove his shoes for he was standing on holy ground. 

As children of God, no matter where we are currently standing in life or what the giants may appear to be, we can take our shoes off and feel at home; feel safe. These battles that life has conditioned us to fight belongs to God. The man proclaimed himself to be the Commander of the army of the Lord, which makes the situation clear that we have an army of God at our disposal. He commands His angels to take charge over us and I have watched Him do this in my own life, time after time.. battle after battle.

Most people say after cancer, you have to live the "New Normal" but I say, why would you want "Life as normal" or "Life as usual" after you have experienced this kind of Amazing Grace. 

So as you look up at the giants that stand before you in your own life...put away your sword, take off your shoes, and feel at home as these battles belong to the Lord and you're standing on holy ground.