Friday, August 5, 2011

A Gift From LiveSTRONG, The Mother Ship

Thank You, Lance Armstrong Foundation. I appreciate the gift and the sentiment and I just wanted to share a note back with my "Mother Ship."

I'll never forget standing in the park with 199 of my courageous friends on the Hill that incredibly steamy hot day in DC in 2007 with my fist up in the air wrapped in a yellow wristband shouting at the top of my voice - Livestrong, Livestrong, Livestrong, LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG, LIVESTRONG.......
What a day of declaration that would not be forgotten.....
I never knew it would be the beginning of my challenging cancer up close and very personal.

We know we can trust you. We know you will not give up or give in. We believe in you and this foundation. We know you are solid. We know you will always make our voice be heard.

I appreciate Lance but he said it himself - it's not about him. I believe change will come streaming through yellow.

I believe in this unity and the determination to fight back.
I believe the dedication for knowledge will save lives.
And I know that the attitudes of this courageous people will bring the end to what we all long to see - the end of cancer.

Love you, my friends

Angie Suttles
Upstate SC for LiveSTRONG