Friday, August 5, 2011

A Sweet Aroma That Left Me Speechless​site/
(A Facebook friend sent this beautiful worship music to me that left me speechless and I wanted to share the music and the message.)

Mark Kargol Angie, not sure if you are familiar with this guy but I think you will enjoy his music​site/

Speechless! Thank you for sharing! How beautiful. Immediate breaking in a glorious amazing is the anointing on this music..."take our place at the table" - wow! I don't understand why satan would give up the best job in heaven, do you? - Worship Leader? How incredible it must of been to lead worship before our Holy God. Thank you, my friend. Since I was a small child, music is all I've ever known but satan robbed me of those talents when I turned to the rock scene at a young age. My testimony doesn't start at cancers at 31 but at 14 with abuse. But God has always used music to move my heart towards Him and has more than many occasion used lyrics and notes to put me on my face before call me to His Glory. I want to sing to my Lord again in an honest and pure way in which He created me to truth. It took me so many years to understand that the roots of my testimony grow much deeper and much further than I've even allowed myself to speak. God has spent the past couple of years asking me to release these finely be free of the hurts that has held me back from stepping into His Favor and Purpose. I know that one click, one blog, one post and the story is out but this season will not be like the last as my will, my intention is to honor my Father and what it is He has brought me out of..."One Step Away" - my chest is caving in and I can no longer breathe as this aroma has filled the atmosphere of my home with His Glory. 
Thank You, my friend, my brother in Christ,

Angie Suttles