Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Prophetic Dream?

Rough night with tummy issues and night sweats as chemo is now flushing from my system. More trouble with the Lymph edema in the leg but I am calling on Him (my God) and confident that this too shall pass from me.

I felt a pressing to share this experience which I believe to have been prophetic. 

I dreamed I was frantically attempting to keep babies from falling from a cliff by sliding through the wide guard railing that lined the top of this cliff. I was pleading for help from people who were walking around me, only to be ignored. Suddenly, there were planes and helicopters circling above us (and now the son had appeared, as well as a man whose face I couldn't make out), when one of the helicopters crashes. I told the son to watch the babies (which had began to multiply) while I ran to the crash scene (now on fire) where all the passengers had perished. I began to weep uncontrollably when a drill sergeant began screaming at me to "dry it up, they got what they deserved." He said I shouldn't care what happens to others and I would be better off if I would just mind my own business. I looked around and all the people who had been walking around us refusing to help us with the babies, began to die 'one by one.'

This is when I woke up and found myself crying uncontrollably. The first thing I thought was that it was 3AM, so I grabbed my cell phone to see the time and it was 3AM. I began walking through my house praying as I felt that the dream was spiritual. I prayed for my personal relationship with Him and my family. I prayed for the repentance of this world. 

I know sometimes our dream is a result of stress or eating something that may have not agreed with us but I also know dreams were important to God. God used dreams on many occasions to speak to people and reveal a truth. I believe this was dreams concerning the hearts of man. 

We have to return to our knees!