Sunday, June 10, 2012

Remembering My 'Friend Dad'

I'll never forget watching my college best friend's dad teaching his daughter to change the oil in her car. I remember hearing him explain to her how he always wanted her to be independent and self-sufficient, confident. He understood the importance of a young girl's confidence in herself, her self-esteem.. and it was certain that he would instill that in his daughters. He was just one of "those dads." He knew when to listen and how to listen and the importance of both. He paid attention to the details of his family. He encouraged the dreams and hopes of his daughters and they felt secure and assurred of his support ..and the reassurance of his love, daily. I know for me, he has always been and will forever be "that dad." I was just the college buddy barging in on the family on weekends at meal time mostly but he always made me feel like one of his own.

Thank You, Lord
Thank you for the Godly impact this man, this father had on so many. He was a vessel, an example for that most valued roll as 'Father.' You blessed so many of us by the walk of this man. The footprints he has left behind will continue to bless those who knew him. Most would not think that a simple task such as changing the oil in a car would have such a meaninginful impact but I've never forgotten that day as I watched on as my friend's dad would take the time to teach her such a thing. It was way more than learning how to change the oil in a car, it was a father expressing to his daughter that how she thought about herself was of the greatest importance. It was a father gifting his daughter love. He loved his family and would move mountains on their behalf no matter the cost. He didn't display his love for his family for the world to see as to bring himself recognition. No, he expressed his love quietly and gently, thus showing the world around them.

My friend, Pat has been through the same cancer (same diagnosis) I have. She has battled for years such as I have.. we seem to have lived such a parallel life in so many ways. Pat is wise, strong, compassionate, and thanks to her father, one of the most resourceful and independent women I know. She is self-confident. She owns and runs adult day cares in a beautiful community in Georgia, as well as, raising her family now..and I see that same encouragement and quiet, gentle love that was given her being past down now to her son and her daughter.
He will be missed by so many as we carry on in this land of the living but we know we'll see and be with him again one day for an eternity with our Heavenly Father. I just wonder what Bill Powell will be waiting to teach us when we get there. 

I love you, Pat.