Monday, August 27, 2007

"No Retreat, No Surrender"

My husband loves the movie 300. He loves it so much that he purchased the DVD, which is something we do not normally do. He had already watched it several times before I finally made the decision to bite the bloody bullet and join him in the viewing. Actually, the truth is, I was comfortably sitting in the family room with my laptop and had no desire to give up my cozy seat when he was determined to watch it for the 300th time. 
The movie grew bloodier and bloodier ever moment but the tenacity of these 300 men caught my attention and made it impossible for me to turn away. 
The 300 men were determined, brave, loyal, and committed. And what really caught my interest was that fearless, courageous king, who didn't send his men out, but instead, led them out. The tenacious king remained front and center in every engagement with every enemy.

The 300 soldiers that were chosen by the King knew they were going on an impossible mission against an uncountable army of evil. But neither the size of their opponent nor their unmerciful reputation discouraged the 300 from the battle they were to face. 

When the enemy charged towards the 300, the King would exclaim to his men in a loud bold confident voice,"No Retreat, No Surrender!"
Wounded and out-numbered, the 300 followed the example of their king and neither retreating nor surrendering would be considered as an option.

Whatever or whoever your enemy may be today, as King Leonidas would say 

"No Retreat, No Surrender!"