Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The other day, my son and I went to see the movie Stardust. It was a "Fantasy Movie"about a star, which was a beautiful girl, that fell from the sky. She was being chased by a witch, who needed her heart so she could return to her youth; a conniving prince, who needed the jewel that she wore around her neck in order to become King forever; and a country - shop boy who needed to take the star back to the girl he thought he loved - who promised him that she would marry him if he brought her the star. It was known about these stars that their hearts were more valuable to the witches when they were happy. Also, the happier the star became the more she would glow. Realizing that she would begin to glow brightly when she was close to the country boy, she knew she had fallen in love with him. She told him that until now, she had only experienced love by watching humanity from the sky. She said as she looked down on earth at all the wars and confusion among people that the love she saw in mankind was the only way she could tolerate it.
Which got me to thinking... What would we see if we were able to look down on earth for a day? If we were suspended over the world and looking down on humanity - what would we see? Would our hearts be full and happy or would our hearts break?
Is it getting harder for the stars to tolerate it?