Monday, January 12, 2009

A Little Yellow Sticky Note

At my Oncology visit on Friday I was in the lab having blood drawn which is routine with every visit so they can check the tumor marker. Since over the past few months my doctor has been telling me that the tumor marker in my blood has been rising I began to pray as the nurse was doing her "thing" - not out loud... just to myself. Across the room on a counter where they hand off the viles of blood (or whatever they call them) to the lab techs there were yellow sticky notes hanging all across the counter with various notes referring to patients, meds, etc., etc. I began to glance across these post it notes when my eyes caught one in particular that stopped me cold. It said "He Lives" (that is all it said). I heard in my spirit "As long as He lives you live" and I knew that God was speaking to me.
If I have learned anything through all that I have been through - it is this - God will speak to you and remind you who He is and that He really is there in trouble. In trials and hard times you don't have to wait on the next church service or the pastor or a prayer team - look for God, listen for God. God comes down to us where we are if we let Him. He spoke to me and He did it with just a little yellow sticky note.