Friday, January 30, 2009

A Day Well Spent

Today was my wedding anniversary so my husband and I drove out through the country to a little farmhouse restaurant so Southernly named "Grits & Groceries". There is a great little story behind this yummy little place and words cannot express the awesomeness of the food. We feasted on Oyster Spinach Salad with some Praline Bacon and the greatest ice tea in the entire Southeast. This incredible culinary duo husband and wife team then brought us an enormous piece of the most incredibly moist chocolate pound cake with fluffy homemade whip cream and sliced sweet strawberries that you have ever had the pleasure of putting your fork in. They had so thoughtfully placed a little red and white candle in the center of that beautiful piece of chocolate heaven and while they presented this masterpiece and layed it before us they began to sing rather enthusiastically"Happy Anniversary". We then headed up the road to Cedar Creek Farm where we spent the day talking and just the thought of not having anywhere that we had to be made it even the more sweeter.

There is nothing better than a day well spent and this is something that we can all afford even in the current economy.