Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sticky Notes and License Plates

God does speak to us! Maybe we are too busy looking for some incredible magnificent extraordinary miraculous light show (sort to speak) that we miss Him. God will use whatever He wants to and it may be the simplest of things. We have a responsibility to open up our heart, mind and spirit to see and listen to Him. He reminded me on that sticky note (entry below) that "He Lives" - well while at Duke my husband and I had left the doctor's visit at Duke University and were not really in the best state of mind (you know, we are human) but decided to go out together and put everything to the side and enjoy one another on a night out. It was dark and being unfamiliar with the town we took a wrong turn on the way to our destination and had to turn around when suddenly a car pulled in front of us with a very unusual license plate - it read HEALING.
So you tell me - - - does He speak?