Friday, March 2, 2012

I Never Lost My Praise

God has kept me and I never lost my praise.

Why and how could I?- He loves me..what else could I possibly need or want? If you don't know Jesus...I would plead with you - Please, just call His name tonight..ask Him to reveal Himself to you. You will not regret will not suddenly be a bed of roses, in fact, it can get even more difficult but I promise you, if you'll trust Him and believe on Him, He will give you more grace than a lifetime even has need of...He will keep you and love you through every pain and heartache. I would not be a friend to you if I didn't take the time to talk to you about the Hope that I have - Jesus. Nothing you could have ever done means anything to Him ...once you call on Him and ask Him into your heart - you become a new creature in Christ and all your past is thrown into the sea of forgetfulness. Please, give your life to Him if you have never done so. Please, It will make my life worth it if you would accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior...all He wants is to love you and hang out with you. I know the church makes serving Him so difficult to understand but it's's all about love and grace. He offers you Grace in return for your love. 
Choose you this day - LIFE.