Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time to take a fresh breath and allow God to renew my spirit.
Planning my escape!

I'm looking forward to heading up to the mountains next week for a 'personal spiritual retreat.'

I'm planning my escape for the day after Caleb's speaking engagement with TED Talks (which, by the way, will be presenting a television special on the Science channel this weekend in preparation for the new TED Talks' series, "TED Talks Science.") and me and God are gonna have us a time together.
He is taken me on a 'revelation' journey with Him next week and I can't wait to learn even more about Him. I will be surrounded by His beauty, creation and complete silence while in those mountains, therefore no distractions. We intend for the pen to hit the paper (or rather the fingers on the keyboard) as I continue working on the book. Even yesterday, God was revealing incredible truths to me as I was just going about my normal daily task. I'm telling you, He will speak to you anywhere, anytime and that's what He desires to do.

I was actually suppose to be headed to Texas today for a Livestrong Assembly but God had a different plan for me. I have missed a couple of important survivor conferences and speaking engagements this year already due to this battle season but I know in my spirit there is purpose in my absence of those events and if I've learned anything, it is to follow God's call, not my own agenda.
When you do go through storms (and you will), don't stay in the boat even though you will be with disciples, get out on top of the elements (putting them under your feet), on the water and you'll be with Jesus.
A well known pastor shared this with me a long time ago and though I do feel as if I went through a season where I had forgotten that revelation, I will not forget it again. I'll jump out of the boat even if  I have to "head first" (no pun intended) to be where He is.

Would you pray for me as I really need this quiet time alone next week (no doctors, no test, no couch). I'm so grateful to the generous lady/family who has offered this prayer closet to me as a gift and I am humbled by such a act of compassion. Gifting me time in my prayer closet in a beautiful quiet place is an amazing gift. 

I'm looking forward to God taken my family into a new season. I told the hub that I feel like it is so close now that at the next turn, we're coming out. I am believing God for that 'suddenly.'

Praise Report - Docs are NOT going to have to do the chemo straight to the head nor the radiation...PRAISES! 
Thank you for your prayers. I know without doubt that God flipped that circumstance around on my behalf!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with lots of laughter and love.